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*1948 in Zimbabwe 

DESSA is the pseudonym for artist and author Deborah Sharon Abeles, who was born in 1948 in Southern Rhodesia (today Zimbabwe). After high school, she lived in Israel from 1965 to 1976 where she studied Occupational Therapy. The following four years she spent in Paris, and in 1981, moved to Switzerland with her two children. Of a multi-cultural background, she became a Swiss citizen in 1983 and lives in Pully with her husband Hervé Petroz.

She grew up in a society determined by racial divisions. This experience reflects her continual personal search to bring together and crossing cultural boundaries. As a interdisciplinary artist, her interest in music, social studies, medicine and the natural world are subjects through which she explores her identity and relation to past, present and future. Her media is paint, collage and murals. 

DESSA is well known not only for her projects combining music and visual art, including the creation of «Transoundart  but also for her research concerning artistic expression for collective memory. She produced  A Legacy from Theresienstadt  in 1997, A Tribute to Kaufhaus N. Israel 1815 - 1939 in 2003 and Stolzesteine : Stones-of-Pride in 2015.


Since 1986, over fourty exhibitions and presentations of her work have been held in museums, galleries and concert halls in Europe. 


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