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Society of Commemorative Culture in the Art of Women

"As an artist, it is always the same as with all artists - the attempt to express the unspeakable. [...] topics that are a great concern to me are human suffering and hatred, as during the Shoah or how they are expressed today in times of terror. But also the issues of faith and hope, I have never given up."

(Chava Pressburger)

Female artists, who were and are confronted with war and violence throughout their lives have repeatedly dealt with these traumatic events. These memories often play a central role in the oeuvre of these women.

Gedächtnisbilder Inc. makes this to its business of giving a space to this artistic form of the commemorative culture. They want to retrace the lanes of the personal memory and also of the memories that the artists of the following generations experience through listening. How do destruction, demolition, death and loss affect their art? How does their function change while they come into contact with other cultures as a result of emigration? And how do these memories change over the generations?

Gedächtnisbilder Inc. wants to give female artists worldwide - regardless of religion and nationality - a forum: for example, the Czech-Israeli artist Chava Pressburger, the Afghan grafitti artist Shamsia Hassani, the German-Israeli multimedia artist Belle Shafir or the Palestine artist and photographer Nidaa Badwan.

Exhibitions, scientific events and publications should help to encourage the discussion of the commemorative culture in the art of women. At the same time, a network should promote contact with artists worldwide and art historians who deal with this subject.

baby pully, ghetto di roma 2006
Counting tips, 1999
DSC_7876-2 Druck_edited
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Cinema Show on the occasion of the exhibition: Chava Pressburger – 

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